About Us

Based in the Phoenix, Ariozona, Zorigs is a family-owned art & craft company dedicated to unearthing hidden treasures from around the world. We manufacture, distribute, and supply home and office products including artwork, decor and furnishings. The products we supply are of the utmost quality, either being fully handmade or hand-crafted.

While many of these products may be well-known in their country of origin, it’s not only our passion but we also believe it is our duty to share them with the rest of the world. Every single item is a premium home décor product supplied direct to you at the most competitive price.

Handmade or hand-crafted?

Items that are completely made by hand are known as “handmade”, and hand-crafted is often used interchangeably. We believe that hand-crafted items may be finished off with machines, while handmade items are exclusively made by hand and/or with hand tools.

Why Zorigs?

To keep to our international flavor, our name “Zorigs” is derived from a Bhutani word meaning “the ability to make craft”. It comes from two root words, “zo” meaning “the ability to make”, and “rig” meaning “science or craft”. People in every country around the world have the ability to create, and every location has a different style and set of techniques for creating art and crafting.

We want to bring the world inside your home, allowing you to fill your living areas with decorative items that excite you, inspire you, and show you the best that the human race has to offer.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the best-known name in premium hand craft and home décor products. We are committed to revealing the best, most unique, hidden art & craft treasures from all over the world to everyone around the world.